Banning Certain Domains

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Currently, this site is getting many registrations from two domains that originate from China that I need to determine a means of banning. Just getting tired of "rejecting" any registration from these domains. Which are "" and "". Personally I know no-one that uses either domain, and a majority of the time the email verification is not verified. Working on a couple of different means to reject these two domains automatically.

One of which is simple, but also simple to bypass. The other way is a bit more complicated, and therefore more complicated to implement. The basic idea of how to do it is rather simple though, even though it's been awhile since I've had to implement code to this end. Whatever, to make my life easier, allow me not to have to worry about SPAM on this site, as well as to be able to allow others not to worry about such matters, these domains will be BANNED PERMENANTLY very soon! One way or another!

*EDIT* Okay... one method is in place. I will give it a week or so to ensure this method will hold it's own. Otherwise other actions will require far more drastic measures. Wish me luck ;)


Seems as though this method has been mostly successful and will need to be expanded to some other domains that are now trying to gain access. Ya know, for a site that has a handful of members, sure does get a lot of weird traffic.