Hey! Where's the ...?

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Hey! Where's the old content?

Craterz.com has recently gone through a major update. Don't worry, the meager articles and blog posts that were found here will return. I just need to dig them out of the back-ups and restore them. In order to perform the necessary upgrade it was easier to blow everything away and start from scratch.

Also, during this process I have discovered a problem in the configuration with legitimate guests trying to register. This issue has been fixed! >applause<

However, registration to this site still requires a valid email address as well as Admin approval. At the time of this article was written, the only Admin is me devil , Craterz. But don't worry, if everything checks out to be legit then you will be granted access.

It won't take me too long to restore some of the old articles and blog posts (not that there were many anyway).